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Amon Amarth take over Boeing Center at Tech Port in San Antonio, Tx 5-21

Amon Amarth brought their “Metal Crushes All Tour” Tour. to the Boeing Center in San Antonio, Tx. The tour features support from Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, and Frozen Soul providing for a killer night of skull-crushing metal.

The setlist was filled with a nice variety of Viking metal face-melters including “Twilight of the Thunder God,” “Guardians of Asgaard,” and “Raise Your Horns”. Amon Amarth play a mixture of super heavy riffs mixed with melodic undertones, creating a heavy sound that is easy to groove to.

The visuals of this show are quite amazing also, from 40-foot inflatable statues to Viking helmet drum risers there is plenty to look at. Amon Amarth brings the show back into a rock show. One of the highlights of the show is of course the rowing of the ship audience participation during “Put Your Back into the Oar”. This is cool to see in real life. The tour is winding down so if you get a chance, get you some Viking metal before it's too late.

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