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Tesla rock the Aztec Theater in San Antonio, Tx 6-5

Updated: 4 days ago

Tesla continue to carry the flag of the classic rock era and are currently trekking across the country on its "Keepin It Real Tour" with Kurt Deimer opening the shows. The California quintet packed a nearly sold-out Aztec theater performing a string of hits and fan favorites with their brand of no-frill , classic rock and roll.

Cincinnati, Ohio native, Kurt Deimer would kick things off with a killer set of blues-driven hard rock. I would compare it to a modern-day Alice Cooper sound. Kurt is a natural on stage, he quickly connected with the crowd, and without a doubt, he made plenty of new fans with his catchy songs and uplifting message. While his music was new to the crowd, his take on the Pink Floyd classic “Have A Cigar “was a pleasant surprise.

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Headlining the show were Tesla. A band that’s been around and rocking for over 40 years and still kicking ass. The band kicked off their set with "Cumin at You Live” followed by the song that started it for the band "Modern Day Cowboy". The crowd went crazy, almost as though we were teleported back into 1980 something.

The LED screen that ran the length of the stage was visual eye candy, playing scenes that would correspond to the song. The band was polished and really sounded great. Jeff's voice was on point. Tesla would perform most of their classic hits with the exception of a few, but with so many great songs in the catalog, how do you pick?

The Aztec theater was rocking hard all night long. Tesla has always been a good draw here in San Antonio, a testament that classic, guitar-driven rock music is alive and well. The 90-minute set would end with the encore song "Signs" What a great night of music this was.


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