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Steel Panther rock The Aztec Theatre in San Antonio Tx 5-18

Updated: May 25

Legendary bad boys of the sunset strip Steel Panther took over the Aztec theater for the final night of their "On the Prowl "world tour. As always, they delivered in a big way.

The blinding charm of Michael Starr and the incredible guitar shredding of Satchel had the crowd grooving and dancing the entire show. Stix Zadinia and not-so-new bassist Spyder would keep it groovy and pumping.

Steel Panther has perfected their craft, the show is always super entertaining and the musicianship is always top-notch. The 80s/'90s were a fun time and Steel Panther represent the debauchery well. It was a fun night full of laughs and feel-good music. It was also Micheal Starr's birthday... or so they said. If you want to go back in time if only for a night, see a Steel Panther show. It will bring back some good memories of a much simpler time.

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