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Shinedown light up The Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio 10-9

Shinedown brought the "Revolutions Live" tour to the Alamo city along with fellow arena rockers Papa Roach and newcomers Spiritbox. Considering it was a weeknight, the Coliseum was nearly full, not surprising considering this awesome line-up.

Spiritbox who are relatively new here on the scene, hale from Victoria, British Columbia and have been playing its brand of metal since 2017 would kick things off. Heavy guitar riffs and powerful vocals are the name of the game here. Spiritbox is building up a devoted fan base and are starting to get the recondition they deserve.



Papa Roach would hit the Freeman stage next to the delight of the riled-up crowd that Spiritbox left behind. This seasoned band never disappoints, and tonight would be no exception, with a blistering set of hit after hit. Jacoby Shaddix’ commanded the crowd with a solid performance. The band opened with “Between Angels and Insects” and worked their way through “Kill the Noise” and “Getting Away with Murder” before Shaddix made friends in Texas by joining the crowd for a walk around the Arena for "To Be Loved"

The set would end with the song that started it all for PR "Last Resort"

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Shinedown was up next to rock the San Antonio crowd, and that's just what they did. Kicking off with a video showing the inner workings of the band and some silly behind-the-scenes stuff that was quite entertaining., Shinedown set opened with frontman Brent Smith, guitarist Zach Myers, bassist Eric Bass, and drummer Barry Kerch coming out, in silhouette, all the way to the front of the stage for a quick formal introduction if you will. After a quick moment of waves to the crowd, the show would kick off in high gear.

Shinedown would open with"Diamond Eyes" and "Dead Don't Lie" to get the crowd ready for a long night of killer tunes. Playing a 17-song set covering every era of the band, including 2003's single "45," 2008 hit "Second Chance," and 2015's "State of My Head." The show would include fire, explosions, sparks, and even a grand piano descending from the rafters. No Shinedown show would be complete without a performance of Skynyrds "Simple Man" but a cover of Jimmy Eat World's "The Middle" was a bit of a surprise.

The night would end with 2015s "Cut The Cord" ending a killer night of Shinedown greatness.


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